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Topics Include

  • Towing – understanding the affects of towing a trailer and the relevant regulations.
  • Stability – understanding how to correctly load vehicles, trailers and caravans and how towing can affect vehicle stability and safety.

Questions concern vehicle stability and towing regulations.

When towing a trailer or caravan on a motorway:

  • Do not exceed 60 mph.
  • Do not use the right-hand lane unless directed to do so.
  • To stop a trailer or caravan from snaking you should ease off the accelerator and slow down gradually.

Facts to Know

  • It is advised you inflate your tyres to a higher pressure than normal when carrying a heavy load, or when driving fast for long distances.
  • A heavy vehicle load, on a roof rack or in the car, will reduce stability and affect steering and handling.
  • The driver is always responsible for making sure the vehicle isn’t overloaded.
  • Any load must be securely fastened.
  • To improve handling when towing a caravan fit a stabiliser to the towbar.
  • When towing a caravan never allow passengers to travel in it.
  • Using a roof rack will increase fuel consumption.
  • A child passenger under the age of three, should be seated in a child seat.
  • Animals should be restrained so that they can’t interfere with the driver.
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Theory Test: Vehicle Loading

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You are acrrying a child in your car. They are under three years of age. Which of these is a suitable restraint?

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Any load carried on a roof rack should be

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You wish to tow a trailer. Where would you find the maximum noseweight of your vehicle's tow ball?

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A trailer must stay securely hitched up to the towing vehicle. What additional safety device can be fitted to the trailer braking system?

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Are passengers allowed to ride in a caravan that is being towed?

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You are planning to tow a caravan. Which of these will mostly help to aid the vehicle handling?

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Who is responsible for making sure that a vehicle is not overloaded?

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Overloading your vehicle can seriously affect the

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A heavy load on your roof rack will

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On which two occasions might you inflate your tyres to more than the recommended normal pressure?

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If a trailer snakes or swerves when you are towing it you should

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You are towing a small caravan on a busy three-lane motorway. All the lanes are open. You must

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